About Us

We are sisters that may look very different but we are the same in many ways. Our passion is fashion and with this blog we are embracing our common interest. Our purpose is to update you with our individual fashion related subjects. We hope you enjoy our blog! Love Ricci Dolls.xxx


Hey Guys and Dolls!

I have worked in fashion retail for over 10 years. As you could imagine, I've seen trends come, go and repeat itself on the high street.
It's most definite that I have a passion for fashion! But whether I'm a follower or a leader is for you to decide?
My purpose on this blog is to update you on all fashion related subjects, whether it is trends, 
celebrities, home ware, or lifestyle.


All things cute, colourful and maybe a bit weird is me Chikalei. I love everything to do with Japanese culture. From the Okonomiyaki to the Over sized bow on Takeshita dori.
I'm a fashion student trying to break into the fashion world, like a silent ninja. I will be posting everything and anything that catches my eye, I'm sure you will enjoy it.


Hello Fashion Friends

Sparkle, glamour and just embracing your individuality is what I've always loved about fashion!
I hope I can give you all a colourful insight of my desire for clothes, shoes, outrageous jewelry and to feel the thrill of wanting to enhance your own collection.

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